Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stopped into my new local coffee shop.
It's called The Java Cup.
I chatted it up with the owner, Bill Sinor, for a few minutes and snapped a few photos. I learned the coffee blends were designed by the owner himself.. his own special blends. Nice.

This shop is located in the Plum Creek Neighborhood of Kyle. There used to be a coffee shop here which closed about a year and a half ago... was hoping a new place would come in. He's still building it out (sounded like the entire building will eventually be open as a coffee shop/game room/ event area / live music venue) but the coffee shop area is totally ready.

They get their bagels from Austin's "Wholy Bagels"

Mmmmm Flavors.

The Java Cup
130 Kirkham Circle
Kyle Texas 78640

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Leif Hagen said...

Ahh, coffee and treats! I'm in! We just visited our brand new coffee shop in our public library yesterday; it's coming up on my blog later this week!
Warm regards from cold, snowy EAGAN daily photo


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