Monday, November 29, 2010

Close to a month of Mustache.
The update. I'm just 2 days away from growing my mustache for 30 days. Yes, Movember is almost over. I've talked to many people about men's health concerns such as prostate cancer and I've grown quite the "classic" mustache. I was going for the "Rollie Fingers" but I know now that I can't grow that in 30 days. 

What I was really attempting to do was get 100 people to donate $5 on my "MoSpace" page, thus reaching a hundred people and raisng $500 for my team, TEAM AUS. As of today 6 people have donated a total of $53. I've got 2 days to reach 94 people. Can you do me a favor and at least go on my MoSpace and "rate" me so I know people are going there? If you feel compelled to donate, I'd appreciate it. Here's the link -
The money goes to the The Prostate Cancer Foundation ( and LIVESTRONG (WWW.LIVESTRONG.ORG).

Happy Monday all.

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