Tuesday, March 09, 2010

In December... these were inside homes in the Plum Creek neighborhood of Kyle. This past weekend the Landscape Committee bundled up the trees... and by now they are sunk into the neighborhood's lake in order to create fish habitats.

Yes... we're a little big odd in Plum Creek... call us what you will... but I think we have more fun than most neighborhoods. We've got a HUGE party coming up in May, great neighbors, and lots of things to keep us engaged.

Here's a story on Plum Creek from March 5 - http://www.statesman.com/homes/new-homes-guide/residents-benefit-from-smart-planning-in-plum-creek-321873.html

Actually... if you want to hear about the future development of Plum Creek... you should go to tonight's joint session of the Kyle Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meeting at 6:30 at city hall. I hear Plum Creek will be the only thing on the agenda. Neat.

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