Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On February 13 there was a special election to fill some seats in Kyle's local government. We had a few city council seats and the mayor's seat to fill. Of all the people who live in Kyle... 1,005 people voted. I was one of them.

Lucy Johnson is now the mayor of Kyle.
Jaime Sanchez won  Council Place 5
Russell Huebner won Council Place 6

Mor information can be found here -

According to wikipedia Kyle's 2008 Census showed the city has 26,103 people living here. So... 1/26 of the population cared to vote. *slow clap for Kyle*  

I guess I should be glad a thousand people cared to vote. Think positive Sean.
HEY YOU 1,004 OTHER PEOPLE.. YOU ROCK. This post is dedicated to you.


hobbledog said...

I voted, Sean!!!!

Justin said...

Technically, only 26,100 people live there. Emma, Joy and I moved to Manor.

Yeah, thats it - I don't live there so I couldn't vote...

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

That explains it Justin... :)


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