Friday, January 08, 2010

Another Flamingo line-up
Originally uploaded by seanclaes

So... about a year ago a bought a box of plastic flamingos in order to "flock" someone on their birthday. They sat in a box until our church got a new pastor.. so we decided to welcome her to our flock via flamingoing... her birthday was last week so we flocked her again... then the flock has been moving to other friends lawns (in Hometown Kyle and Plum Creek). If you me and know someone who needs to be flocked... let me know. It can be arranged.

This photo is the flock with some human flamingos at the end. The humans are my family (I'm at the end) alongside Pastor Barbara and her husband Karim. The line-up was Karim's idea.


Leif Hagen said...

"The pink flamingos look cute and pretty" - said my 4 year daughter sitting on my lap commenting on blogs with me!

Me and my puppies said...

I just heard yesterday, there are more plastic flamingos in the USA than there are real ones. Great shot! My money's on the third little guy from the left!


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