Monday, March 19, 2007

I thought this was an interesting thing... A circle of rocks about 10" in diameter. Not really anywhere near a home or somewhere people should be hanging out. Actually, it's bordered by a road on the left and the HEB Plus that's being constructed on the right.

We used to have a neighbor who's kids would do this in the empty lot near our house (which now has a home on it). We jokingly called it the "wiccian kids circle." Perhaps they relocated...and were driving through.


Anonymous said...

When I was a young boy and we lived hear a railroad track. Tramps or hobos would leave markers near the tracks something like this that indicated the next person to come by could get a glass of water or a bite to eat at our house.

Alex said...

It reminds me the emblematic pile of stones we saw on the paths when we were in the parks in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. In the colonial times, Indians would erect these piles as a sign of peace with neighbors.


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