Monday, October 22, 2007

OK... I've been really busy... and I've taken a lot of photos over the last couple of weeks.. so I'm going to post a cluster today and tomorrow.

Scarecrows are the name of the game. The 2nd annual Scarecrow building competition was held about a week ago at the Negley Elementary School grounds. I'm happy to say that my "Snowy The Scarecrow" took 2nd place (to the Southwest Airlines traveling scarecrow) in Most Original. Last year my broom-headed scarecrow took first ( I had it in my garage so I took it out and it was included in this year's judging and got honorable mention).

Anyhow... There were a bunch of entries.. so I'm going to post half today... and the rest tomorrow.

A look at the row o scarecrows...

ScarecrowBob Squarepants

Um... Cyclopscarecrow?


I swear this had arms and legs originally...

This one was built by nice folks... I wouldn't recommend a purple face though...

Snowy the Scarecrow
Here's Mine!!! I know... itty bitty. I couldn't find a big white sheet... so I went with 2 laundry bags... Hey... I like it.

Upside Down pumpkinhead!

Life's a Beachball...scarecrow

1 comment:

Scarlet said...

I think I've seen the last one here on South Beach!

These are great photos. They're all're inspiring me!


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