Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My 7 year-old daughter took this picture with my iPhone...

Between September and October I took part in a community weight loss challenge that was hosted by Kyle Nutrition. Coaches Nicholas Skific and Karen Cotton were on hand to give advice and help us on our weight loss journey. It cost me $25 to join, we met every Tuesday for weigh-in and class. As the "biggest loser" at the end of 8 weeks I made $250 cash.

What did I do?
Nothing secret. I changed my diet (logged everything I ate and drank in so I could really keep track of my calories), and exercised every day at lunch from work. When I ate out, I mostly had salad (McDonalds has a decent salad... who knew?).

Many of the people in the challenge used and has success using Herbalife. Both coaches are distributors. You can probably see more of that on http://kylenutrition.com/. I chose not to use the products.

They are going to be holding another challenge beginning in November. It will be the first Tuesday in November (11/1/11) and they meet at Elite Bodyworks in Kyle (4100 Everett, Suite 200, Kyle, 78640 by the Hays CISD PAC) at either 9:30am or 7:15pm (two times). It costs $25 to enter. Even if you don't want to use the Herbalife products, the coaches will do a great job of helping you keep on track... at least they did for me.

For information on the next challenge (I think they do several a year... so if you missed this one, e-mail to see if it's happening again) e-mail the coaches:

Karen Cotton: hillkuntry50@aol.com
Personal Wellness Coach

Nicholas Skific - nskific@gmail.com
Personal Wellness Coach

Or call Nicholas at: 512-775-4105


Leif Hagen said...

Congratulations! Way to go!
My aunt used to say during her dieting, "If it tastes good, spit it out!" Ha!

Sean Claes said...

Thanks! Funny thing is... now the things I thought were my favorite foods (deep fried things and bread) are hard for me to eat. Deep fried things just taste greasy... and bread is just filling...

Odd how taste buds change when you eat well.

Of course.. I did not deny myself anything I really wanted... had ice cream and pizza... just not a large ice cream and a whole medium pizza. :)


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